“Your foremost goal should be to achieve financial freedom; attaining financial security moving forwards to surpass your financial aspirations”


Having goals in place is a vital part of any future financial planning. Required focus and freedom to assess where you want to be today – and more significantly in the future. Crucially, re-address all of your goals, every quarter identifying your progress and monitoring objectives on a regular basis.


This is the crux of achieving your financial optiimum. With guidance this will become effortless, empowering you to plan for your retirement, education or lump sum payment. We use methodology that is organised in such a way to gather pace at the right time, reaping the maximum monetary benefits possible.


If it’s not your field of work, many people lack the knowldege of ‘how’ and ‘where’ to invest their capital. This is where the experience of a trusted and tried investment planning company such as TheMoneyUAE can benefit and reassure you. Regardless of your experience many advisors will coach you to understand the markets whilst remaining fully focussed on your long term goals and prospects.


Each quarter you should sit down and review all of your plans and take an holistic approach to your whole portfolio, including every aspect of total investments


It is paramount that everyone has a main, strategic aim with regard to investments, be it long or short – term. You need to be serious about saving money alongside planning for you and your families future – what matters most!


I Look for a unique company that is independant, allowing access to all of the major banks and instituions. This is crucial as it allows clients a prioritised and tailor made solution.


Establish a mutually agreed target, hence, each review is to confirm an objective and how we will achieve it on your behalf.

Tax Efficiency

Whether you are in a taxable or tax free environmenteach client should seek a product that is tax efficient and profitable.


Something that is often taken for granted is the security of money in banks. Make sure that not only is your capital secure in investment banks, but also in any funds and stocks held for optimum security.