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deVere Vault – What is it?

Are your international financial needs being met? Revolutionising the banking sector, deVere Group has launched the deVere ‘Vault’ e-money app. Vault is designed to enable expats and internationally mobile professionals the financial freedom to travel with ease. Control your finances at the touch of a button via Vault’s digital wallet. Our deVere Vault Prepaid Mastercard® is a multi-currency card that can be ordered from within the app. deVere Vault app allows you to spend money online, at any ATM, and in stores accepting Mastercard®.

Spend, manage, and move money around the world with one global money app. Vault allows you to instantly transfer and exchange currency to and from your account in real time with no stress, no hassle and no hidden charges! Currently, the deVere Vault app allows you to create a virtual account with four different currencies: GBP, USD, EUR and CHF. You can transfer money between these accounts instantly and for free anywhere in the world. Quoting deVere CEO, Nigel Green, “Nine out of 10 people told us that they found the fees for using their cards overseas were ‘unacceptably high’.” By the end of 2017, Nigel Green, aims to aid internationally mobile individuals by adding sixteen more currencies to the deVere Vault e-money app.

Why deVere Vault?

deVere Group is the top global financial consultancy with over 70 offices worldwide and over $10 billion dollars under asset management. Established in 2002 by our CEO, Nigel Green, deVere Group prides itself on the success of our clients. Our proactive vision constantly strives for improvement and we aim to support our clients in creating, growing and safeguarding their wealth. Expanding our global services in electronic money and a single card, multi-currency app supports our clients and new Vault users by ensuring they receive the best currency exchange ratios. Vault allows you to exchange currencies at interbank rates and Vault users also have complete control over their account, so no more transactions being blocked by the bank.

How to download deVere Vault

The deVere Vault app is free and available to use on all Apple and Android devices.

What are you waiting for? Download deVere Vault now:



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Access to your own personal vault, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Email: thomas.griffin@devere-acuma.com

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